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Unlike other acting colleges, ICE offers the best online acting course in India

Curriculum Summary

Professional acting classes with industry-experienced instructors

Dive into the world of acting with our captivating Acting Classes! We offer the perfect blend of flexibility, whether you’re a full-time devotee or a part-time performer, with our 3-month, 600-hour program of our Acting classes. Our globally recognized Acting Certificate adds prestige to your professional journey, while our comprehensive classes across various modules are the building blocks of a thriving acting career. You’ll train in state-of-the-art facilities, guided by seasoned experts, ensuring you’re primed for auditions and ready to take the industry by storm

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    3 months

    Program Overview

    Acting students who take our acting classes and graduate from ICE are preferred by our industry partners

    ICE program covers every acting lesson essential to get accustomed to various drama or theatre acting professions, be it films, television soap operas, dramatic, commercial ads, etc. Our acting classes program coats a multitude of modules, right from the basics of film history, acting training, voice modulation, and speech while also covering additional essentials like mind and body balance, confidence, emotion control, martial arts, and other essential class acts required to become a rising star.

    Our acting classes provides coaching skills on mastering character roles, basic forms of dance with acting techniques on speech pacing, rhythm, text analyzing on scripts with techniques to improve memory. Aspiring actors can take their skills to the next level with our Advance acting course, now available!.

    Our acting course is ISO (Globally recognized) & government certified.

    Program Highlights

    ICE Proposes Programs with A Medley of Unique Features

    Live Online


    Engaging Virtual Video Lessons to Visualize Concepts and Polish Skills



    Equipped With the Latest Equipment, Infrastructure, And Resources for Spot Assignments



    A Look at Distinct Topics of Interest to Learn, Comprehend and Be Inspired



    Comments, Feedback, And Suggestions Between Fellow Students to Enrich Talent Performance



    Role-play Scenarios to Facilitate Learning Through Representation and Structured Practice



    A Prospect for Students to Probe Their Interests in The Industry

    Our Key Faculties

    ICE is fortunate to have renowned personalities from the industry as our faculty members

    Ms. She


    Shakti Film Academy

    Ms. She


    Shakti Film Academy

    Ms. She


    Shakti Film Academy

    Ms. She


    Shakti Film Academy

    Learning Outcomes

    Eligibility for Acting classes is 10th/12th pass

    Students are coached on essential performance techniques and styles with dual certification from ISO & the government approved (MESC) to set a full-time career in the enterprise

    Courses provides acting classes to help students learn and understand how to overcome fright, complexes, and inhibition while also developing character

    You learn silent acting, voice culture, recitation, patterns of speech, observations, improv, text analysis

    Acting Course Curriculum

    The acting course curriculum covers

    Module 1: The history of film & acting (Intro of films)

    Module 2: Overcoming Stage Fright, Complexes (inner healing of the mind)

    Module 3: Yoga (Mediation & Calmness)

    Module 4: Silent Acting (Expressing through emotions & body language)

    Module 5: Martial Arts (For action scenes)

    Module 6: Ramp Walk (Body balance)

    Module 7: Western & Bollywood/Indian Dance (For films, video, etc.)

    Module 8: Voice Culture (Improving tone)

    Module 9: Diction & Speech (Communication skill)

    Module 10: Resonators (Vocal tuning)

    Module 11: Make Up

    Module 12: Recitation (Improve memory)

    Module 13: Different Patterns of Speech (Oral expressions)

    Module 14: Observation & Imagination(creativity)

    Module 15: Rhythm (Timing and pacing)

    Module 16: Body Language (Poise)

    Module 17: Text Analysis (Understanding scripts)

    Module 18: Character Development (Getting into character role)

    Module 19: Improvisation (Unscripted dialogue)

    Module 20: Acting Styles (Acting role types)

    Module 21: Acting for Camera

    Module 22: Audition Techniques

    Module 23: Dubbing (new language or sound to a scene)

    Program Certificate

    Students who complete any course are awarded certificates that are globally recognized and widely preferred within the industry.

    Create a footing for all professions in art performance, acting, or filmmaking with an internationally recognized and accepted certification from ICE Institute. ICE was the first media and film institute to receive the ISO certification on quality standards and continues to make history within the industry.

    We offer dual certification on selective courses with government certification. ICE is the authorized partner of Media & Entertainment Skill Council (MESC) which is promoted by FICCI & NSDC for setting standards while training and accreditation falls under (PMKVY) scheme of government of India. This is beneficial since MESC has a mandate to create a skilled workforce of 11.4 lakhs by 2022.

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